Woodworking Bed Plans – Constructing A Queen-Sized Bed

 Beginners Woodworking Bed Plans

We all know how expensive beds can be, so it’s not a real surprise that a lot of people are actually transforming themselves into do–it-yourself (DIY) warriors. If you think you have the time and the creativity to construct your very own stylish bed from scratch, then you are in luck.

Because today, we are going to talk about the general steps needed to construct a large, and comfortable, bed for any bedroom in your home.
For this project, you will need several basic tools, like the trusty nail gun, measuring tapes, and of course, one or two saws (a regular saw and a jig saw for creating rounded shapes with the wood). It is recommended that you use MDF sheets (or medium-density fiberboards) for your bed, for added strength.

A queen-sized bed is approximately eight feet long and four feet wide; this amount of space should be enough for any person who wants a good night’s sleep. You will also need some wood glue, finishing nails, filler material, some sandpaper for minor wood sanding, and Spackle to seal any cracks in the wood. The first step in constructing a queen-sized bed is cutting the headboard. A forty-eight-inch headboard should be sufficient. Use MDF for the headboard of your bed as well.

fine woodworking bed plans
DIY woodworking bed plans

Use the jigsaw to cut those smooth arcs for the side paneling of the headboard. After measuring and cutting the headboard, footboard, and side paneling of the bed combine all three components with wood glue and small screws. Now that you are done with the headboard region, measure the lower trim of the bed. Remember: a queen-sized bed is eight feet long, so the lower trim should be exactly eight feet long as well. Attach the cut lower trim to the side paneling and the headboard.

Your new bed will also require some sturdy slats. An eight-foot long bed will require exactly twelve slats. Make your measurements, and make sure that the wooden slats are equally spaced from each other. All wooden slats should be attached securely to the lower trim with screws. Use screws first, before using any Spackle, filler material, or wood glue.

If the screws are not long enough or are not strong enough to withstand the toughness of the wooden slats, replace them immediately. You do not want to have cracked wooden slats, as these horizontal attachments will be responsible for bearing the weight of the person sleeping on top of the bed.  The slats, in turn, will be supported by the rigid lower trim, which is in turn supported by the headboard and footboard. This is the reason why you have to be extra careful when measuring and attaching the different parts of the bed because if one element is weak, the entire structure can fall apart.

But don’t worry, once you get used to attaching pieces of wood together, a queen-sized bed should be a walk in the park. When you are done attaching the slats, feel free to attach decorative elements to the bed, such as moldings. You have free rein when it comes to beautifying your brand new bed!

Become a DIY Warrior and construct your own Queen size bed







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